Environmental & Social Policy

Focused on sustainability, our company is committed to the following principles:

Society and Environment

  • Respect for all Human Rights;
  • Non-discrimination, rejection of child and forced labor, and the dignity of work;
  • Promote the involvement of all employees, encouraging equal rights and opportunities, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining;
  • Promote environmental and social awareness;
  • Involvement and communication with stakeholders, increasing their environmental and social responsibility;
  • Processes' optimization to minimize environmental impacts, while preserving the employees’ health and safety;
  • Increase the recovery of waste, the reduction of emissions, the efficient use of resources, among other forms of pollution prevention;
  • Reduction of the products' energy content;
  • Promotion of more responsible and fair social policies to improve the living conditions of the surrounding community;
  • Continuous improvement of the process performance and responsible business conduct;
  • Compliance with legislation, national and international regulations, and other requirements applicable to the organization.
Society and EnvironmentSociety and Environment


Since 1927, the practice of recycling/internal recovery has been followed in our company.

Remains of threads, glues, selvedges, and fabric leftovers are properly segregated and re-enter the production circuit, integrating products with added environmental value.

Mulesing Free

The lots of wool delivered to Albano Morgado, S.A., coming from South America, South Africa, England, and nationals, come, as far as we know, from producers whose mulesing technique is not carried out.
Mulesing FreeMulesing Free
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